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Thursday, January 29

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Session 4.1 ALISE Awards and Papers Burnham, Floor 8Danny P. Wallace • Julie Marie Frye • Maria Hasler-Barker • Paul T. Jaeger • Kyong Eun Oh Session 4.2 A Juried Works In Progress Papers - Collaboration and Trends in LIS Education: Tear Down That Wall: Removing Institutional Barriers to Collaboration King Arthurs Court, Floor 3Elizabeth Hartnett • Jody Howard • Sue Kimmel Session 4.2 B Juried Works In Progress Papers - Collaboration and Trends in LIS Education: Libraries in 3D: Maker Spaces and 3D Printers in Ever Changing Library Settings King Arthurs Court, Floor 3Elizabeth Hartnett • Heather Moorefield-Lang Session 4.2 C Juried Works In Progress Papers - Collaboration and Trends in LIS Education: Education for Special Librarianship: A Marginalized Area in LIS Education King Arthurs Court, Floor 3Elizabeth Hartnett • Tao Jin Session 4.3 Juried Panel: Seeking Balance in the Academy: Inclusion of Contingent Toledo, Floor 5Elizabeth Aversa • Catherine Closet-Crane • Beverly Lynch • Linda Marion • Jennifer Sweeney Session 4.4 SIG Program - Innovative Pedagogies: Reflecting on Innovative Pedagogies in LIS Education Exchange North, Floor 11Jen Pecoskie • Kendra Albright • Carrie A. Boettcher • Jenny Bossaller • Ron Brown • John Budd • Charles "Chuck" Curran • Keren Dali • Juana F. Diego • Mirah Dow • Heather Hill • Marziah E. Karch • Sarah Keeling • Andrea Lau • Kevin Risk • Paul Solomon • Ashley Todd-Diaz • Kristine M. Woods Session 4.5 SIG Program - Gender Issues: Re‐Imagining Issues of Gender and Sexuality in LIS Teaching, Research, and Service Delivery Holabird, Floor 8Deborah Charbonneau • Barbara Dewey • Claire McInerney • Laura Saunders Session 4.6 A Juried Papers: Engaging with Emancipatory Practices to Reconceptualize Sullivan, Floor 8Chris Cunningham • Julie Marie Frye Session 4.6 B Juried Papers: Graduate Students’ Sense Making Process in Collaborative Learning Tasks: Social Justice Considerations Sullivan, Floor 8Chris Cunningham • Xiaofeng Li • Ross Todd Session 4.6 C Juried Papers: Social Justice, Community, and the Online Student Experience Sullivan, Floor 8Chris Cunningham • Jennifer L. Branch-Mueller • Tami Oliphant Session 4.7 Juried Panel: Representation for all: Including stakeholders in LIS program governance in a changing world Wright, Floor 8Dr. Stephen Bajjaly • Samantha Hastings • Sandy Hirsh • Elaine Howard • Linda Most • Dominican University - School of Information Studies

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Session 5.1 Juried Panel: Case Studies from the Field: Promoting Reflection about the Role of LIS Professionals as Activists Toledo, Floor 5Karen Brown • Guillermina Duarte • Cecilia L. Salvatore • Elizabeth Zak Session 5.2 Juried Panel: Teaching and learning social justice across the Pacific: Opportunities and challenges in US-China LIS education exchanges King Arthurs Court, Floor 3Barbara Ford • Sharon Hu • Lian Ruan • Terry Weech • Kate Williams Session 5.3 Juried Panel: Opportunities for Liberatory Pedagogy and Praxis in Library & Information Science Burnham, Floor 8Celeste Â-Re • Dr. Kafi Kumasi • Ramona LaRoche • Porchia Moore • Tonia Sutherland Session 5.4 SIG Program - Information Ethics: Frameworks for Promoting Social Justice through Information Ethics Exchange North, Floor 11John Burgess • Susan Mui Chau • Lesley Farmer • Abby Phillips Session 5.5 SIG Program - School Library: School Library Practice and Education: Developing a Passion and Commitment to Civil Rights, Social Justice, and Learning For Life Holabird, Floor 8Ellen Pozzi • Mega Subramaniam • Sue Kimmel • Kendra Albright • Panne Burke • Karla Collins • Deborah Lang Froggatt • Karen Gavigan • Lucy Santos Green • Stephanie Jones Session 5.6 Juried Panel: Teaching Social Justice as an Assistant Professor: Rewards and Risks Sullivan, Floor 8Michelle Caswell • Safiya Noble • Sarah T. Roberts • Kelvin White Session 5.7 Juried Panel: Diversifying the reflection of LIS Education: Spectrum Doctoral Fellows in the front of the classroom Wright, Floor 8Monica Colon-Aguirre • Nicole Amy Cooke • Janet Ceja Alcala’ • J. Brenton Stewart

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Session 6.1 A Juried Papers - Social Justice In Foreign Cultures: Studying Social Justice and Injustices Abroad Toledo, Floor 5Yao Zhang • Jenny Bossaller Session 6.1 B Juried Papers - Social Justice In Foreign Cultures: Library Services for Physically Challenged Users in Universities of India: Social Justice in Limbo Toledo, Floor 5Yao Zhang • Trishanjit Kaur Session 6.1 C Juried Papers - Social Justice In Foreign Cultures: Lessons in Social Justice Librarianship from Cuba, 1950s and Since: Episodes from the Life and Work of Afro‐Cuban Librarian Marta Terry Gonzal... Toledo, Floor 5Yao Zhang • Kate Williams Session 6.2 Juried Panel: The Social Justice Collaboratorium: Illuminating Research Pathways Between Social Justice Issues and LIS King Arthurs Court, Floor 3RaShauna Brannon • LaVerne Gray • Miraida Morales • Myrna Morales • Mario Ramirez • Elnora Kelly Tayag Session 6.3 Juried Panel: Approaches in Critical Archival Studies and the Communities of Archives Burnham, Floor 8Michelle Caswell • Jamie A. Lee • Ricardo L. Punzalan • Gina Rappaport Session 6.4 SIG Program - Multicultural, Ethnic, and Humanistic Concerns Creating New Reflections: Using the ALISE Diversity Statement to Inform Social Justice Education in LIS Exchange North, Floor 11Delicia T. Greene • Nicole Amy Cooke • Dr. Sarah Dahlen • Karla Lucht • Joseph D. Minarik • Miriam E. Sweeney Session 6.5 SIG Program-Curriculum Responding to the Call for Social Justice: How the Evolution of Library School Curricula Reflects New Directions in LIS Education Holabird, Floor 8Linda L. Lillard • Simon Aristeguieta-Trillos • Liya Deng • YooJin Ha • Cecilia L. Salvatore • Stan Trembach Session 6.6 Juried Panel: The West Bend Challenges: Open Access and Intellectual Freedom in the 21st Century Library and Classroom Sullivan, Floor 8Loretta Gaffney • Barbara Jones • Emily Knox • Joyce Latham Session 6.7 Juried Panel: From Research to Practice: Transforming LIS Professionals into Self‐Confident Leaders Wright, Floor 8Ken Haycock • Maria Otero-Boisvert • Mary Jo Romaniuk • Cheryl Stenstrom

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